Commercial Gym Design & Build

Our Commercial Gym Design & Build service offers comprehensive solutions for business owners looking to create a fully equipped and personalized gym space tailored to their specific fitness needs.
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA
  • Commercial Gym Design & Build for Beachside Interiors in Newport Beach, CA

Strength & Conditioning or Athletic Performance Facilities:
Experience the pinnacle of athletic training with our state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facilities. We design spaces that optimize equipment layout, create versatile training zones, and foster an environment that enhances athletic performance.

Physical Therapy Clinics:
At Beachside Interiors Design and Remodeling, we understand the importance of creating rehabilitation spaces that prioritize healing and recovery. Our physical therapy clinic designs focus on functionality, accessibility, and a calming atmosphere to support the rehabilitation process.

Boutique Gym:
For fitness entrepreneurs looking to establish a distinctive brand, our boutique gym designs are tailored to captivate and engage clients. We incorporate unique aesthetics, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative layout designs to create a memorable fitness experience.

Commercial Gym:
Our commercial gym designs are crafted to accommodate a diverse range of users and fitness preferences. From cardio zones to free weights and functional training areas, we optimize space to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fitness enthusiasts.

Hotel Gym:
Elevate the guest experience with our hotel gym designs. We seamlessly integrate fitness facilities into hotel spaces, providing travelers with a convenient and high-quality workout experience that aligns with the standards of your establishment.

Police, Fire, & Military:
EliteFit takes pride in supporting those who serve and protect. Our gym designs for police, fire, and military facilities prioritize functional fitness, specialized training areas, and durability to meet the unique demands of these vital professions.

Yoga Studio:
Create a serene and inspiring yoga space with our studio designs. We pay meticulous attention to lighting, layout, and acoustics, ensuring a tranquil environment that promotes mindfulness and well-being.

Boxing/Martial Arts:
For those passionate about combat sports, our designs for boxing and martial arts gyms combine functionality with aesthetics. We optimize space for training, sparring, and specialized equipment to create an immersive and authentic experience.


Take a look for yourself on what your neighbors are saying about us.

  • out of 5 stars

    Kali is the most creative and professional contractor I have ever met in my life and I know a lot of contractors. She helped me design a plan to renovate my gym and literally saw what I had imagined in my head and made it better than I had imagined! The attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled to any experience I have had. I 100% recommend her to anyone needing a design pro! Thank you Kali!

    Brandon Locatell Newport Beach, CA
  • out of 5 stars

    I bought a house three years ago and dealt with varying degree of annoyances from poor craftsmanship from the previous owner's remodel (Kali fixed it all). Mostly things that would be hard to catch at inspection. The biggest issue by far was a master shower leak that tied to poor installation within the tiling/threshold install (I have been educated by Kali lol). For three years I dealt with shower leaks and various handymen that couldn't get the job done and placed bandaid after bandaid to my frustration. I sought an initial quote from a competitor and was not only disappointed with their pricing, but they wanted me to do all of the work - from purchasing, having glass removed and getting materials in and disposed. Their position was to gut the entire bathroom (and for me to do the demo - ludicrous!). Kali is different - she is a high level extraordinaire in this space. She not only disseminated what was wrong within 5 minutes, but educated me and provided me true consultation. The reality is the shower did not need a total remodel, but fixing the specific issue could salvage the shower and perfect it. Kali is a perfectionist and that is a high deeming quality in my book. She doesn't take shortcuts and every detail is scrutinized and evaluated - I loved that! As a true professional, her punctuality and quotation matched her deliverables. The shower is working wonders for me and she has removed the bane of my homeowner's existence. Kali also squeezed in a stairway railing during the Holidays, so I could host my Grandma over for Thanksgiving - so grateful for this memory. Kali will be my contractor on all my future home, garage and home gym remodels because I trust her, appreciate her attention to detail and believe her approach in business is second to none. Thank you! Mike Hurtado

    Mike Hurtado Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    My husband and I hired Kali to install a garage access door and update the closet doors, trims, and doors of my house. From the beginning Kali was very professional. She showed up on time for the estimate and provided a very detailed line-by-line of all the costs on our wish list. We revised the list and moved forward with the agreed upon contract. Kali is very communicative. We were in the loop in regards to the timeline, any hiccups (there always are), and any changes with the cost of material. Most importantly, when Kali would say she’d do something, it got done! She showed up everyday and worked to ensure the project got done in a timely manner. The quality of Kali’s work is exceptional. We’re very happy to have hired Kali to update our old house. She stands by her work and reminds us that she can do adjustments if we notice anything after the work settles in. Good contractors are hard to find. We’re glad to have found a trustworthy contractor!

    Monica Dickson Newport Beach, CA

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