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Our Process

Sit back and relax while we handle everything. Whether you need to refresh your existing fitness space, or a full garage gym overhaul, we take care of all design aspects. Stay informed every step of the way with our "Information Guides" and regular updates. Designing your dream fitness space should be stress-free and easy, and that's what we aim to provide. With our 5 step process, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to:

1. Video Call - We kick off with a 30-minute video call to introduce ourselves, provide an overview of our process, discuss project scope, budget, and timelines.

2. Job Walk - Next, we'll schedule an on-site meeting at your home for the initial visit. During this time, feel free to discuss your ideas and show us the areas you want to renovate, while we address any additional questions and details.

3. Design - Here comes the fun part! The process starts with receiving your homework (a design questionnaire and Pinterest board). Then, we'll have a design concept meeting to discuss aesthetic direction, color palette, and equipment and functionality options, before moving onto materials and selections. We will provide you with finalized 2D spatial layouts, 3D renderings, mood boards, and equipment specs.
Cost: $200/hour
Residential Space: Requires approximately 10-12 hours
Commercial Space: Requires approximately 20 hours

4. Preconstruction - This is where we estimate costs for your project based on your preferences. Trade partners provide estimates, we collect quotes for fitness equipment, recovery tools, and appliances, and we finalize aesthetics. After determining all costs, we present you with a detailed proposal for review and adjustments before signing the contract.
Cost: $150/hour
Residential Space: Requires approximately 8-10 hours
Commercial Space: Requires approximately 10-15 hours

5. Construction - You’ve signed the contract and set a date for D-Day, (demo day)! We have a solid team of trade partners ensuring proper installation and completion of our design. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on progress at every stage. We do everything in our power to ensure we hit our deadline so you can start enjoying workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Mission & Values

To create spaces for health and happiness.

Our Vision:

By creating spaces for health and happiness, we hope to make fitness, health, and therefore, happiness, more accessible to one’s life. Our goal is to have several verticals of Beachside Interiors to serve our clients, our trade partners, as well as the fitness, interior design, and building communities. Therefore we are focused on education, building science, and strong community partnerships.

Our Core Values
• Joy
• Transparency
• Mentorship
• Ownership
• Curiosity


Hi! I’m Kali Sudbrook, and I am an Interior Designer & licensed B-2 Remodeling contractor creating spaces for health and happiness. That means home gyms, commercial gyms, and other fitness-forward spaces. Besides being the owner of the best (and the only) Design & Build firm in Orange County that specializes in fitness spaces, what also makes me special is that I have extensive knowledge in 3 crucial areas:

1. Human performance – After having worn many hats throughout my fitness career (personal trainer, strength coach, group ex instructor, fitness director and injury prevention specialist,) I have a deep understanding of the physiology, psychology, and anatomy of human movement.

2. Fitness space design – Having worked in several state-of-the-art recreation centers, gyms, and performance clinics, I can appreciate all the different ways a fitness space might need to be utilized. I understand the unique intricacies of different types of fitness equipment, and have long standing relationships with vendors to provide the latest and most cutting edge solutions. I also have experience navigating the nuance of layout, lighting, and even the effects of aesthetics of a space on a person’s motivation to move.

3. Remodeling Contractor – As a contractor I get to view the project through an entirely different lens. I get to identify the best (and most health conscious) building products on the market, and implement the best building science practices. I can understand the full picture from start to finish and give my clients an in depth and transparent view of the process, as well as the budget.

Long story short, I geek out on this stuff! All in all, my number one goal is always to take the vision that my client sees in their mind’s eye and bring it to life.

My former 15+ year career as a fitness director and educator is truly what set me up for success in a client-centered industry. I’m a mover and shaker, a doer, and a creative problem solver who tries new ways to solve old problems. I thrive on delivering excellence to clients, colleagues, and customers by completing work at the highest standard. There are two personal philosophies I believe have contributed to my success thus far:

1. To leave people and places better than how I found them.

2. To focus on the big picture without sacrificing a keen eye for the details. After all, it’s the details that ensure success.

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